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Lisa Woodworth

By Lisa Woodworth:

With a Leaden Heart

Isis, The Eclectus Parrot Hen A cautionary tale about heavy metal poisoning, by Lisa, has been published in
Australian Birdkeeper.

In Search of...

Coming halfway across the world was the easy part, Lisa thought, slapping a mosquito the size of a hummingbird away from her sunburned ear.  Changing planes from jumbo jets, to small commercial liners, to finally an old bucket of bolts which looked as though it had long been the possession of some forgotten cargo cult, in search of.....what?

The Empty Nest Box

What is one of the worst fears for any aviculturist or bird owner?  That of finding a supposedly healthy bird with no obvious signs of illness lying cold and still in the bottom of a cage.  Whether it is a beloved pet, a valuable breeder, or perhaps both, the mind immediately wonders, ‘Is it an isolated event, or merely the tip of the iceberg?’ 

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