Welcome to our wonderful world of Eclectus parrots! Vulcan, the alpha-male- Eclectus here will guide you on the tour of Eclectusville. You will see our fine feathered adult residents, their babies and where they all live. The sub species that reside here are Vosmaeri, Biaki, Red Sided and Grand Eclectus.

Babies available for adoption are Red Sided and Solomon Island. We lovingly raise just a few babies at a time, ensuring the sweetness and tameness for the adoptive family. . All babies are parent hatched and left with the parents for two to four weeks before pulling from the nest for hand feeding.

E Mail us for any questions you may have, regarding Eclectus parrots and availability of babies. Thank you.


As soon as I get my face out of this food bowl ,
I will take you on the tour of Electusville.

Ruby and Tommy Toodles, Vosmaeri Eclectus looking through their nest box door saying hello.

Ruby and Tommy Toodles, lovers and residents of Eclectusville sharing a big Eclectus smooch.

Aruensis Red-sided Eclectus at 4-1/2 months old.

Biaki Eclectus at 2 years old.

Biaki Eclectus at 2 years old.

Biaki Eclectus at 6 years old.

Vos Eclectus Lola and Paco share perch with a friend.

Kissing crew live with Scott and Marcos.

Venus celebrating her first birthday.

Vulcan celebrating his first birthday.

Peaches, a Red Lory resident of Eclectusville.
If she were a motorcycle she would be a red Harley Sportster!
Real quick!

David and Cindy's Vos girl, Anna who is all wet.

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