Auntie Sam and Ritchie Baby 
(Grand Eclectus) in a Fourth of July Parade.










Biker Bird Harley, (Vos Eclectus) on his
American Indian motorcycle waving Old Glory.










Grand Eclectus,Ritchie Baby and
Auntie Sam in front of Old Glory.











Harleys, bikers and flags for America.










Wil and Sinbad, Mealy Rosella
seeing eye to eye.









Wil and Susie riding a 1951 Indian Chief motorcycle in the Fourth of July Parade, performing the pulling the eagle out
of the hat trick.











Vosmaeri Eclectus, Holly helps to
salute the flag after a parade.












Barbara Ann and Susie with Holly,
Vosmaeri Eclectus clowning
around on the Fourth of July.









The Timneh Grey Eagle of the USA









Clark Vos and his mom know 
there is no place like home.











Vos boy Clark on the left and Aru boy RS Jasper 
on the right, "flock" to salute our flag.









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