AVES- Hand fed Baby Parrots
Avian Publications - Birdkeeping, care, training and feeding
Avicultural Society of America
Barbara Heindenrich - wonderful magazine with dvd's and clips, very Helpful for all bird owners!
Barbís Birds and Aviary - Blog
Bird Keeper - Aviary Magazine - "For the Best on Birds"
Birdman - Brilliant and Dynamic bird showman
Bird Rights - Protecting your right to keep birds

Birds N Ways

California Cageworks Corporation
Carly Lu - Freeflighted African Gray
Caw of the Wild
China Prairie
Dean Moser - Eclectus site
Don's Birds and Supplies
Eclectus Conservation - Do something positive for Eclectus conservation!
Eclectus Parrots - An Experience - by Graham Taylor
Eclectus Pet Owners Group - Yahoo Group
Endangered Owner - Animal Rights groups that threaten us all
FalconForce Falconry services
FalconLofts Rare colored, racing homing pigeons.
Feather Fantasies by Lorra Lee Rose
(I have been sending her feathers for her masks....they are incredible!)
The Feather Tree - specializing in Pyrrhura Conures (Green-cheeked mutations)
Finnigin the Eclectus
Graham Taylor - Eclectus site
Great Galah's Email List (Yahoo)
Handfeeding supplies
Holistic Birds - Food pyramid for parrots
Hugh Choi - Freeflight link to the wonderful redfronted macaws of Hugh Choi
Internet Bird Collection - More videos and pictures than you can imagine on every species under the sun!
JoJo Shaiken - Photographer
June DiCiccio - Informative conure site
Kathleen A. Berard - Katalyst for Animal Wholeness, Inc.
Laurella Desborough's Eclectus Center
Lisa Woodworth - Temple Aviaries
Marcy Couvault - Fantastic conure site
Dr. Margaret Wissman - An excellent source of information!
Nest boxes and supplies
OPA - Organization of Professional Aviculturists
Phoenix Foraging Rolls
Safe bird heaters and full spectrum lighting
Safe tree wood for parrots and Toxic trees and woods
Scott Lewis - Very informative site
Shades of Red and Green Eclectus
Sid Price's Blog

Up at Six

Uwe Beckedorf - Eclectus site in Germany

Wolfer's Feathered World

Zoonotic diseases

Link To Eclectusville


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