Click to Enlarge Here is where it all starts, the miracle of the hatch! This Eclectus baby is working itself out of the egg shell, only hours from being completely free.
Day old baby Vosmaeri male, so tiny and vulnerable to the new world. What an honor to hold him in my hand! Click to enlarge
Click to Enlarge Red sided hen, Dixie Lee with newly hatched baby in the nest.
Dixie Lee, Red sided hen and her two precious boy babies in the nest Click to enlarge
Click to Enlarge Grandma, Vosmaeri Eclectus who is pushing 30 years old and her "odd-couple" babies. An Umbrella Cockatoo egg was placed under her two weeks previous to hatching, along with her own fertile egg. She incubated the eggs like a pro and both hatched on the same day. She also fed the Umbrella Cockatoo baby as if it was her own, until it was pulled at six days of age. Eclectus moms have to be the most devoted parrot-parents in the whole world!
Red sided boy on the left and Vosmaeri boy on the right, Eclectus babies. Click to enlarge
Click to Enlarge Teenage Eclectus boy looking cute as a green cuddly teddy bear .
Two sweet little Red sided Eclectus sisters. Click to Enlarge
Click to enlarge Here is Paco, the larger of the two boy Vosmaeri Eclectus. He was in the egg that was pipping and also shown at day one in the palm of my hand. Paco came a long way!
Gus and Lolly, two stunning Aruensis Red sided Eclectus at three months old, weaned and ready to go to their new homes. Click to Enlarge
Click to enlarge Sara Lee, Vos Eclectus flanked by her two Hoffman Conure buddies she was raised with.
When you are a baby, love comes in many colors even if it is from another continent, a different size, species and temperment! Click to Enlarge


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