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Some of our Friendly Faces

My outdoorsy daughter, Sue Christian. Click to enlarge
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My best buddy, Lisa Woodworth of Temple Avairies and me.



Barbara Ann Moss, my very good, long time girlfriend of 30 years who is one of the most bubbly people in the world!

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Jim O'Neill of J & R Exotics, located in San Francisco. Great friend and parrot breeder.

Dynamic Janet Nichols of Harmony Bird Company with her necklace of Sun Conures. She also does a great job of raising Cockatiels and Ringnecks. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Dale Thompson, avian specialist and enthusiast par excellence, disguised as an Indian doing important field studies in the forest.
Bird keeping legend and sweetest gal ever, Ethel Meyer with her beloved Rose-breasted Cockatoos. Click to enlarge
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Fred Bauer, owner of China Prairie and who I turn to for the really tough questions regarding any area of aviculture. Guru and rocket scientist of the bird world!

Laurella Desborough who helped write the first book on Eclectus, Dale Thompson and myself. Click to enlarge
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K Wayne Arthur who raised Eclectus, wrote many articles about them and helped to write the first book on them too.

Here I am with Dennis Hinkley, a very nice man who has raised many, many Eclectus. Click to enlarge

Elizabeth Gurklys, editor of Original Flying Machine magazine and an 
around great gal!

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