October, 1996

VOS Venus, female                             VOS Vulcan, male
(deceased April 1998)                                                             


Susie                                              Dale Thompson

Susie's overall color is white.  White indicates a supercharged time of
miraculous spiritual healing and a healing effect on others.  White is a
mixture of all colors and one of the most powerful.  Although white tends
to be unstable like a supernova, it indicates a healing/change experience.

Dale, Venus and Vulcan received the same, exact interpretation.  Their
overall color is ultraviolet.  This color has several meanings and
indicates the ability to see profound visions.  Spiritual evolution is in
store for these beings.  Shortly these beings will be coming into their
own power as spiritual beacons with visionary and guiding light,
communicating to people a new way of living, thinking and being in the
world.  It is also likely that they may be entering a period of illness,
stress or emotional upset.  (Very interesting because both these birds
were feather pluckers


June, 2002

Susie's 2nd Aura picture

Susie's aura changed to mostly orange which is the color for physical
healing and creativity.  The yellow hue also present represents personal
power and/or highly developed intellect.


Prince Charles, plucked VOS male                    Rose Breasted Gertie Birdie

These two birds have the same color auras.  Their blue shows a sensitive
and loving heart combined with violet which is an intuitive and spiritual
color.  Because the machine hooked up to the Polaroid aura camera isn't
designed for birds to sit on, their auras don't appear quite as
accurately as a human aura.



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