But the wise, untarnished eyes of a child see many things we adults miss.  Ayla exclaimed, “This pumpkin already has a face and besides it is just my size!”

As she had a closer look at the little pumpkin, Ayla’s mother began to see what she was looking at and agreed her daughter had picked out a very special pumpkin indeed.  She loaded a very happy Ayla up in the car with her just-the-right-size prize-pumpkin.

Cedrick Crow opened one wise eye and looked sleepily down from his high tree perch.  With a pleased smile he whispered, “G’bye little buddy pumpkin.  I am so happy you got picked for being your own wonderful self.”

Patrick Pumpkin grinned back, lop-sidedly, at his crow friend as he nestled proudly in Ayla’s lap, the family car bumping its way down the rutted farm road and out of the darkened pumpkin field.  A big fat orange tear of happiness coursed down Patrick Pumpkin’s plump cheek.    


The End

Copyright © 2012, Susie Christian