Cedrick Parrot used his magic crystal to change back to Cedrick Crow and he flew up into the darkness of the gnarled tree limbs.  Just seconds later, the headlight beams of a car swept across the field, blinding Patrick Pumpkin.  The farmer was just about to leave for the night to celebrate Halloween with his own family but he turned around when a young mother jumped from the car, waving her arms frantically.

She ran towards the farmer, begging him for a pumpkin for her young daughter.  “Please, please, do you have any pumpkins left?  I was so busy getting ready for Halloween, I completely forgot a pumpkin this year!”

The dear old farmer hated to disappoint her but he told her he had sold every last pumpkin in the whole patch.  The mother’s high hopes were turned to sadness.

 Seconds later, a very excited small girl with dancing brown eyes and tousled hair emerged from the car.  The girl ran out into the field and in the light from the car headlights she spotted Patrick Pumpkin, resting in the bottom of the furrow.

“Look mommy,” cried Ayla,” I found a pumpkin here in the field.” 

Ayla’s mother walked over to her daughter, looked at the imperfect Patrick Pumpkin and told her it wasn’t quite the pumpkin she had in mind.  She was thinking of a big flawless pumpkin.  Something they could carve a happy face into.

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