“Hi, I’m Cedrick Crow.  Pleased to meet you little one.”  Cedrick boldly cawed.  

Patrick answered, “My name is Patrick Pumpkin,” with a small, sad hesitant voice.

Cedrick asked, “Why so glum, buddy?”

“Beecccause every one of the large and perfect pumpkins were chosen and no one at all wanted to take me home.” stammered Patrick.

As Cedrick hopped closer to Patrick to get a better look, a shiny object fell onto the ground from under his wing.  As soon as the stone hit the ground, Cedrick began to change from his gorgeous, glossy crow blue black to a shade of bright spring green.  His sharp straight black beak changed into a hook-bill, similar to a parrot’s beak and then the beak turned orange. 

“Oh my”, cried Cedrick, “my magic crystal stone does that to me sometimes.  Turned me green this time.”

Little Patrick was amazed at the crystal’s ability to transform and it gave him an idea.  “Can you turn me into another kind of Halloween creature so I won’t be left sitting all alone in the pumpkin patch?” he asked.

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