One more time, Patrick landed his bat-self near Cedrick parrot and asked for another shape.

“I have the perfect one for you this time!” exclaimed Cedrick, once again using the magic crystal to change Patrick’s identity.

The minute the crystal touched the agile bat body, Patrick whooshed airborne again, this time taking on a ghostly white form, floating lightly through the dry, twisted stubble of the field and coming to perch on a high tree branch.  Patrick rather enjoyed the semi-transparency and lightness of form the ghost identity provided but again, he quickly decided this ghost presence might really scare small children a lot and he certainly didn’t want that to happen.

Patrick’s ghostly form wisped out of the tree and came to land by Cedrick parrot.

“Cedrick, I’ve been thinking”, Patrick said with a serious tone to his voice, “can you please change me back to my old self?”


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