Cedrick replied, “I can give it a try,” as he used his beak to nudge the magic crystal stone over to touch Patrick’s pumpkin face.

Immediately, Patrick was changed from a pumpkin into a sleek and stunning black cat.  Patrick pranced back and forth, swishing his tail and getting the feel of his new body, experiencing the cat-suit.  Somehow, being a cat didn’t feel quite right.  And besides, not every child’s parents would let their son or daughter bring a cat home for Halloween either.  Maybe a cat body wasn’t the answer after all.

“Can you give me another identity, Cedrick?” pleaded Patrick.

Cedrick scratched his head and thought of another idea.  He touched the magic stone with his beak, moving it to reach Patrick’s front paw and in a flash the cat body changed into a magnificent bat, flying high, chasing the shadows and scattering spider webs in a hundred directions.  For a few minutes Patrick had immense fun in his bat body but he reasoned that not everyone likes bats hanging around their eaves.  He just might get shooed away with a broomstick and certainly most children would be frightened of him anyway.

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