With an obliging bow, Cedrick once again touched the gauzy hem of the ghost’s garment with the stone and poof, in an instant Patrick Pumpkin was again his old pumpkin-self, complete with a misshapen orange head, full of warts and a scar.

As he settled back into his original form, Patrick Pumpkin remarked to Cedrick, “Aahhh, this feels so much better to be back in a body I am familiar with.  Even if I am physically imperfect, at least I know what this form feels like and I am used to it.”

With a very wise look in his eye, Cedrick parrot cocked his head and a mystical smile turned the corners of his orange beak up as he nodded in agreement with Patrick Pumpkin.

There was a sad note in Patrick Pumpkin’s voice as he said, in a very resigned voice, “I may not have found a home this Halloween but at least you helped me to figure out what I wasn’t comfortable being.  Even if I didn’t grow up to be a big, perfect pumpkin, at least I tried.”

Again, Cedrick Parrot nodded his wise green head in agreement and told Patrick Pumpkin, “Glad to help you little friend but I need to get back to my crow-shape now and find a night roost with my buddies.  So long and good luck to you.”

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