About Richard Furzer by Susie Christian

Richard Furzer putting baby Conure back in nest after banding.

We all need mentors and a person we can look up to in our chosen field of interest.  Richard Furzer has been my mentor and very close friend for years, and has always freely shared his time, friendship and help with me.  Always a gentleman and always witty, I have him to thank for enriching my life as a result of his inspired thoughts and unselfish friendship.

Richard Furzer discovered a previously unknown fish while he was living in Africa, and in 1971, in recognition of Furzer's efforts, the species was described as N.furzeri.

Photo credit: Julian Haffegee

Richard Furzer banding a baby Conure.(above - click to zoom)

The Nothobranchius
furzeri (right)


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About Richard Furzer

Nothobranchius_furzeri info

Nothobranchius furzeri JUBB, 1971

Great thanks to Julian Haffegee for use of his Nothobranchius furzeri photo. See more photos at Killi Fish.

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