The Purple-bellies nested in boxes approximately the same size as a deep cockatiel box, 10"x10"x20", constructed of metal and fully lined with wood.

Adult Purple-bellie:

Note the dark gray eye ring.

These six birds were housed in a breeding barn among other mixed species, in flights that measured 4’ wide X 6’ high X 6’ deep, constructed of ½” X 1” wire.  The birds were set up for breeding in trios, two females to each male and provided with two nest boxes.  The nest boxes were approximately the size of a deep cockatiel box, 10” X 10” X 20”, constructed of metal and fully lined with wood.  Their diet consisted of a safflower based parrot mix, supplemented with spray millet, whole wheat bread and assorted fruits and vegetables.  The Purple-bellied Parrots are particularly fond of strawberries, oranges, grapes, green beans and corn.

Five Purple-bellie chicks were successfully raised in 1992. Shown here shortly after weaning at about 10 weeks old.

Purple-bellies are particularly fond of strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, green beans and corn.

The first signs of breeding activity were noticed in early February 1992 when the breeding pairs were approximately three years old.  There was a dramatic change in their personality, where they were usually very calm and quiet they now become very active and excited, flying about their cages calling and singing to each other as they went.  Their song is a high pitched whistle-chirp that is quite musical.  By late February, one of the hens from one trio disappeared into a nest box, and not long after that another hen from the second trio also went to nest.  In both flights the males displayed monogamous tendencies, choosing to mate with only one hen.  Never did the single hens visit the nest boxes provided for them.  It was obvious that the single hens were subordinate to the mated females, and though they were never the object of abuse, they always kept a proper distance.

Purple-bellied parrot baby, 5 ½ weeks old.

Same baby parrot at 7 weeks old.

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