The Adventures Of Betty Byrd

A Short Story

By Susie Christian and Grace Wheeler

The Adventures of Betty Byrd
Rock Always Crushes Scissors


Betty Byrd with Blaze: Blaze, It's Perfect!


Betty returned to the art room in invisible form and using all of her concentration, levitated the cage containing the Scissorman.  As the cage travelled down the hallway, Scissorman screamed and cursed.  By now the residents who weren’t hard of hearing were coming to their doors to see what the raucous was about.  To the residents, the floating cage containing a screaming monster was an eerie sight.  “Wow what a cool trick!” they thought, "The kids at the carnival are gonna love this!”


Betty edged the Houdini cage that was still safely holding the Scissorman towards the patio area under construction.  She pushed the cage with Scissorman into the gaping hole and with a flick of her hand, a river of concrete flowed out of the cement mixer and into the pit.  While Blaze circled above in flight, Betty and Bill levitated in the air to join her.   The three friends watched the entombment of Scissorman from above.


Scissorman screamed out, “You haven’t heard the last of me!  Do you think I am so easy to get rid of?”


Bill Woggon turned to Betty and chuckled.


“Bill, what’s so funny?” inquired Betty Byrd, her eyes wide with curiosity.



Bill Woggon" Doesn't Scissorman know that rock crushes scissors every time?!


Staring at the concrete tomb containing Scissorman, Bill Woggon replied with a mischievous grin, “Doesn’t Scissorman know that rock crushes scissors every time?!”


When dawn broke the day of Halloween, the construction workers were amazed and overjoyed that a mystery person had finished their job for them.  The only troubling thing was what appeared to be the tip of a scissor and the corner of what appeared to be a cage protruding above the cement line.


The end….or is it?  (the exposed tips of the scissors wiggling)


The end….or is it?  (the exposed tips of the scissors wiggling)









The Adventures of Betty Byrd

Inspiration and Development of Betty Byrd



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