A Short Story

By Susie Christian and Grace Wheeler

The Story


                  The Adventures of Betty Byrd (or Betty Bryd vs. Scissorman)






The Adventures of Betty Byrd (A Short Story)


Cast of Characters:


Betty Byrd (superhero) is the grand-daughter of Katy Keene (  Betty Byrd was created in the Heavens by the goddess Venus, to be the protector of the aged Bill Woggon, who lives at the Hollywoodland Senior Home.  Venus gave Betty a special belt that allows her to turn invisible, and to shape-shift and enter the body of Blaze the parrot, her spirit guide animal.  Betty Byrd has also been endowed with superhuman strength and the powers of levitation.  Her weakness is her vanity and she will stare at herself in the mirror for hours in a dreamlike state. Betty Byrd works at the Hollywoodland Senior Home as a recreation director and teaches art classes to the seniors.


Scissorman (supervillain) is an evil creation that was forged by Vulcan and released from Pandora’s Jar.  Scissorman preys on the weak and hurts them with his sharp scissor-like proboscis.  Scissorman’s powers are that he can shape-shift from human form to the creature Scissorman.  His weakness is that he can be physically overpowered and he cannot resist sweets.  Scissorman’s human alter ego is Mr. Ever B. Sharp, who is the gardener at Hollywoodland Senior Home.


Blaze is a beautiful and wise parrot who is Betty Byrd's spirit guide animal.  Blaze is Betty Byrd’s closest confidant and advisor.


Bill Woggon is the creator of the Katy Keene Comics and is debilitated by a stroke.  With the arrival of Betty Byrd to Hollywoodland Senior Home, Bill is revitalized and has taken up art again.   Betty Byrd acts as Bill Woggon's assistant and helps guide his hands as he creates new Katy Keene comics and paper dolls.


The Dialogue and Panel Description


Synopsis:  Scissorman has been captured in the Houdini cage, a trap that was set by Betty Byrd, Blaze, and Bill Woggon.  Betty and Blaze find a way to get rid of Scissorman in a most clever way.



Panel 1: The Scene takes place in the art room.    Betty Byrd, BIll Woggon, and Blaze stare at the cage containing Scissorman.



Scissorman: (Angrily speaking)  “If you let me go, I promise to leave Hollywoodland, and bother you no more”.


Blaze: “ He’s lying.  Betty, come with me and we’ll find a way to get rid of  him!


Betty:   “Blaze, we have to act quickly! Houdini’s cage won’t hold him forever!”



Panel 2:  Betty touching the star to enter the body of Blaze;   Blaze flying over Hollywoodland Senior Home.  They see the cement mixer turning, and the hole where the patio will be poured.



Blaze: "Do you see the pit and the cement mixer?  What do you think Betty?"


Betty Byrd:  "Blaze,  It’s perfect!"



Panel 3: (Takes place in the courtyard).   Scissorman is in the cage, and the cage sits in an excavated pit that will be used for the new patio.  Using her powers of levitation, Betty Byrd causes a river of concrete to flow from the cement mixer.   Betty, Blaze, and Bill watch from above (Betty holding Bill’s hand)  as the concrete pours into the pit.



Scissorman: "You haven’t heard the last of me.  Do you think I am so easy to get rid of?"


Bill Woggon: (Bill laughing)  Hahaha


Betty Byrd: “What’s so funny Bill?”


Bill Woggon: "Scissorman doesn’t seem to know that rock always crushes scissors!"



Panel 4:  The End.  Halloween night w/full moon.    Concrete patio with the tip of scissors and the corner of Houdini’s cage about the pour line.   Scissor tip wiggling.

Note on Bill Woggon


Bill Woggon (1911-2003)  published his work on Katy Keene in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  His Katy Keene creations was an inspiration to many budding artists and fashion designers, and in our case, novice comic book creators.  We have taken artistic license in making Mr. Woggon a character in our story,  “The Adventures of Betty Byrd”.  As far as we know, Mr. Woggon never suffered a stroke, or live at Hollywoodland Senior Home.  Nor did he ever encounter the Scissorman.


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