Village Weavers (Ploceus cucullatus)

Weaver birds have the ability to tie dozens of different shaped knots and loops for which they use their feet as well as beaks.  Among most Weavers the male takes sole responsibility for initial building of the nest.  The nest is built before the male gets a partner so he uses his “love-nest” to entice a female, who is likely to be very fussy.  If his efforts fail and the disinterested female flies off, the male will try again.  A week without success and he petulantly dismantles the entire nest and begins again in the same place, in hopes of better luck.  Anticipating failure, the male ties the knots loosely in case he may want to undo his construction again.  If he succeeds in love, his fussy partner will see to the interior decoration with grass and other soft materials.


Weaver Bird Photo Gallery

Photos by Reilly Levison

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