RobertMendezbulldog.jpgLinus with a toy.

otherwise there wasn't a mark on him.  The couple that used to own a grey came over and admired our boy.  Linus was grinding his beak within a minute.  The time was around 9:15 am, sixteen long hours after Linus first flew the coop.

Grace called as I was finishing putting Linus in his cage.  She had arrived at the bed and breakfast with the eclectus boys, Gauguin and Pippin, ready to help with the search. Needless to say after traveling most of the night to help find Linus, she and they were more than happy to simply crash and think on what could have been. 

Thus we pass from those that will to those that have.

After further reflection, this story is really a Thanksgiving Story, after all.

Linus waving hello.


Just as I reached the main gate, I heard a sound that could have been Linus about half a block away.  Whistling and running, I then heard an unmistakable African Grey cry indicating predators nearby.  I could see a middle aged man, a teenager and a couple of cats peering at a dense hedge.  The man asked if I was looking for a parrot.  He said that there was a talking bird in the hedge.  In his driveway was a small parakeet cage that they were going to try and put Linus in.  I quickly asked the teenager to stay away from Linus.  I took only seconds to penetrate into the hedge next to where Linus was perching.  He was upset with the people and the cats.  This time, I was able to get a couple of fingers around his foot, mindful of his fragile bones.  The next move was a hand around his neck.  He bit a little at first but stopped as I moved him under my sweatshirt.  He wasn't going to get away a third time.  After thanking the people who had kept the cats away, I walked back to the condo project and Linus' cage.  It took no time at all to place Linus in his cage.  He was a bit ruffled but

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