“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner,” came a little voice in the distance.  Susie grinned.  “Quick!  He knows the whole song; we’ve got to sing with him, or we’ll never find him!”

And so they circled the tree, singing and listening as elongated yellow green buds formed before their eyes.  As they reached the chorus, the singing sounded closer and closer, and the buds began to burst open to reveal creamy yellowish flowers with long stamens covered with thick pollen. 

A warm, delicious scent evocative of childhood kitchens scented the air.  They stood in wonder, watching the birds feeding uproariously on the flowers, eyes closed blissfully and crops bulging.

“Cheese, glorious Cheese,” Sheba sang, beak covered with the pale yellow pollen, which she proceeded to wipe prodigiously along the back of Lisa’s hand as she returned.

“Traitor,” Lisa mumbled, tasting the pollen and finding it to be flavored exactly like freshly grated Parmesan.  Having long held the opinion that cheese was not for any animal not a mammal, she was having a difficult time adjusting to the scene before her.