Fostering Galah Eggs


Skeezix, the tiny elf from the land of Skittle, celebrated every autumn season by playing his merry-fairy game of leaping from leaf to leaf among the treetops.  What fun he was having this morning!

Suddenly, one of the leaves he was holding let go of its branch.  Skeezix felt the air whoosh out of his lungs and his tiny elfin heart leaped into his throat as he experienced the dying leaf disconnect from the tree.

Grasping the leaf firmly with both hands, at first it seemed like fun and the breezes took him sailing across the sky.  But Skeezix was beginning to worry when he almost collided with a tiny bird in the air.  He called out to the bird, “Oh please help me, would you?  I am falling out of the sky and I am afraid because I can’t fly like you.”

The little bird sweetly chirped back, “Sorry, but I have my own path to fly and I can’t help you.”

“Drat,” mumbled Skeezix under his breath, “what will I do now?”

The brisk autumn breeze swirled Skeezix and his leaf parachute toward the pond and a clump of tulies.  He spied a cricket on the tulie stem, tuning up for the evening concert.

“Oh please, can you help me,” cried Skeezix, hoping the cricket could call out and alert someone who could assist him.

Cricket admonished Skeezix with a reply of, “I only have the means to sing my own tunes and I cannot sing a tune for you.  I’d like to help you but you must find your own way down to earth.”

Seeing the pond water coming up fast, Skeezix grabbed onto a tiny willow twig and came face to face with a green tree frog.  Skeezix implored, “Oh froggy, can you please give me a ride on your back so I don’t fall in the water and drown?” 

Once again Skeezix was met with disappointment, as froggy also turned him down.  “It’s not my job to give elves a ride to the pond’s edge and you must figure it out for yourself.” froggy retorted.           

Suddenly the thin willow twig snapped and Skeezix was again falling.  He shut his eyes very tight and said a prayer, for he knew he was out of options for help.

Kerplop!  Skeezix knew he had landed somewhere soft and dry.  Felt quite like a featherbed in fact.  When he opened his eyes, he realized he had landed in the middle of a huge lily pad….safe and sound after all.  Skeezix’ face lit up with a huge smile.  He was so happy he had the chance to take his leap of faith and so sorry he doubted.

By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out who you are truly capable of becoming.

Copyright © 2013, Susie Christian