Fostering Galah Eggs


Galah baby

My Background With Birds

Back in 1990 I started my life of raising birds with Silver-eared Mesias, Cordon Blue and Shaft Tail finch.   Having success with the smaller birds very soon led me to raising Cockatiels, Bourkes, Lories, Sun Conures and Ringnecks.  I had good results with breeding these birds for about thirteen years but in 2003 I found I actually needed to make a living.  I placed all of my breeding pairs with a lady friend breeder in the Southern California area and became a long haul truck driver, across the United States and back for the next seven years.

During the last several years I cut back on the job, have gradually been building my stock back up, and also brought one pair of my Galahs back to my own aviary.  I now have eight pair of Cockatiels, four pair of Ringnecks and a 12 year old, proven pair of Galahs.

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Weaned baby Galah who was fostered as an egg to Ringnecks.

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